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Magic: The Gathering - Ravnica Allegiance - Planeswalker Deck - Domri, City Smasher

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Product Description

Domri is a City Smasher and the card representing him has 2 colors: red and green. As a Planeswalker, he was chosen for the Domri trading card set named after him, from the Ravnica Allegiance game expansion. The game in question is, of course, Magic: The Gathering.

The expansion has only 2 planeswalker decks, with the other one being called Dovin. Both decks haveĀ 4 exclusive cards each and 2 other rare cards. The 4 cards exclusive to the Domri deck are:

  • Domri, City SmasherĀ (Mythic)
  • RagefireĀ (Common)
  • Domri's NodorogĀ (Rare)
  • Charging War BoarĀ (Uncommon)

The 2 additional rare cards in this deck areĀ End-Raze Forerunners andĀ Glass of the Guildpact. A planeswalker deck has the minimum mandatory number of cards to participate in a challenge, which is 60. The 59 cards in this deck, aside from the planeswalker, belong to the following categories:

  • Land (26)
  • Instant (4)
  • Creature (24)
  • Sorcery (4)
  • Artifact (1)

Domri, City Smasher Decklist:

Planeswalkers (1)

1x Domri, City Smasher

Creatures (24)

1x End-Raze Forerunners
2x Domri's Nodorog
2x Clamor Shaman
2x Feral Maaka
2x Gravel-Hide Goblin
1x Axebane Beast
1x Rampaging Rendhorn
2x Sylvan Brushstrider
1x Wrecking Beast
1x Bolrac-Clan Crusher
3x Frenzied Arynx
3x Zhur-Taa Goblin
3x Charging War Boar

Sorceries (4)

4x Ragefire

Instants (4)

2x Burn Bright
2x Stony Strength

Artifacts (1)

1x Glass of the Guildpact

Lands (26)

4x Gruul Guildgate
11x Mountain
11x Forest

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