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Magic: The Gathering - Return to Ravnica - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Golgari Growth

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Product Description

Return to Ravnica is the 59th game expansion from the Magic: The Gathering. MTG is a trading card game with a huge player base. The number of cards printed for MTG is even larger than the number of players.  

Many new MTG players learn its rules through intro decks. These decks generally consist of 60 cards. The cards in MTG are also color-coded. The colors used in the Golgari Growth, one of the 5 intro decks of this game addition, are black and green. 

The Golgari Swarm is the main theme of this deck. This deck is a powerful one, as it can use any creature, regardless of the status of its life: dead or alive. This skill is highlighted through cards such as Veilborn Ghoul, Walking Corpse, or Disentomb. The Corpsejack Menace card is even more special because of its holographic foil.

Golgari Growth Decklist:

Creatures (24)

1x Acidic Slime
1x Corpsejack Menace
2x Daggerdrome Imp
1x Dreg Mangler
2x Drudge Beetle
1x Gobbling Ooze
2x Golgari Longlegs
1x Korozda Guildmage
2x Korozda Monitor
2x Slitherhead
1x Sluiceway Scorpion
1x Slum Reaper
1x Stonefare Crocodile
1x Terrus Wurm
1x Veilborn Ghoul
3x Walking Corpse
1x Wild Beastmaster

Enchantments (1)

1x Disentomb

Instants (6)

1x Aerial Predation
1x Grisly Salvage
2x Launch Party
1x Murder
1x Serpent's Gift

Sorceries (2)

1x Rites of Reaping
1x Treasured Find

Artifacts (2)

2x Golgari Keyrune

Lands (25)

12x Forest
12x Swamp
1x Golgari Guildgate