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Magic: The Gathering - Return to Ravnica - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Izzet Ingenuity

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Product Description

Izzet Ingenuity is an intro trading card deck, made of 60 cards. Their colors are red and blue. Those who already play the Magic: The Gathering game, already know this pack is one of the 5 released for the Return to Ravnica magic expansion from 2012. 

Intro packs, such as this one, are perfect for anyone who wants to learn to play MTG or the Return to Ravnica addition. Through the Izzet Ingenuity deck, you have the chance to win big. The Izzet League stands out through its brilliant innovation and catastrophic experimentation. 

Some of the cards in this deck that stand out are Hypersonic Dragon, Blistercoil Weird, Thoughtflare, and Wild Guess. The Hypersonic Dragon card also has a holographic foil, making it that much more special. 

Izzet Ingenuity Decklist:

Creatures (16)

2x Blistercoil Weird
3x Cobblebrute
2x Goblin Electromancer
2x Guttersnipe
1x Hypersonic Dragon
1x Nivix Guildmage
3x Runewing
1x Tenement Crasher
1x Welkin Tern

Enchantments (1)

1x Pursuit of Flight

Instants (9)

2x Annihilating Fire
1x Blustersquall
1x Chandra's Fury
1x Downsize
2x Electrickery
1x Explosive Impact
1x Thoughtflare

Sorceries (7)

2x Goblin Rally
2x Krenko's Command
1x Mizzium Mortars
1x Teleportal
1x Wild Guess

Artifacts (2)

2x Izzet Keyrune

Lands (25)

12x Island
12x Mountain
1x Izzet Guildgate