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Magic: The Gathering - Return to Ravnica - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Rakdos Raid

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Product Description

Return to Ravnica is the 59th Magic expansion for the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. Rakdos Raid is the name of one of the 5 premade decks for this game addition. The cards in this expansion use only 2 colors. 

Rakdos Raid uses red and black as colors. This deck focuses on the Cult of Rakdos. The 60 cards of the deck are split as follows: 25 Lands, 23 creatures, 5 Enchantments, 2 Artifacts, 2 Sorceries, and 2 Instants. 

The 2 special cards in this deck are the Carnival Hellsteed and Cryptborn Horror. The former has a holographic foil and both are labeled as rare.

Rakdos Raid Decklist:


Creatures (23)

1x Bellows Lizard
1x Bloodfray Giant
2x Canyon Minotaur
1x Carnival Hellsteed
1x Cryptborn Horror
2x Gore-House Chainwalker
1x Hellhole Flailer
1x Minotaur Aggressor
2x Rakdos Cackler
2x Rakdos Shred-Freak
1x Ravenous Rats
1x Rix Maadi Guildmage
1x Sewer Shambler
1x Spawn of Rix Maadi
3x Tormented Soul
2x Zombie Goliath

Enchantments (5)

1x Blood Reckoning
2x Crippling Blight
1x Deviant Glee
1x Shrieking Affliction

Instants (2)

1x Auger Spree
1x Cower in Fear

Sorceries (3)

1x Assassin's Strike
1x Mind Rot
1x Traitorous Instinct

Artifacts (2)

2x Rakdos Keyrune

Lands (25)

12x Mountain
12x Swamp
1x Rakdos Guildgate