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Magic: The Gathering - Return to Ravnica - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Selesnya Surge

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Product Description

Starting to play Magic: The Gathering is relatively easy when you get either a preconstructed starter or an intro deck of trading cards. Selesnya Surge is actually one of the 5 intro decks designed for the Return to Ravnica block of MTG. 

These decks have only 60 cards each, though this game addition has a total of 274 unique cards. These intro decks have 2 colors, and the ones featured in this deck are green and white. In this deck, you'll find 25 Lands, 17 Creatures, 11 Instants, 2 Artifacts, and 5 Sorceries. 

The main theme in Selesnya Surge is the populate mechanic and better explores the Selesnya Conclave.

Selesnya Surge Decklist:


Creatures (17)

1x Arbor Elf
1x Axebane Stag
1x Brushstrider
3x Centaur Courser
1x Centaur Healer
2x Centaur's Herald
1x Healer of the Pride
1x Phantom General
1x Risen Sanctuary
3x Seller of Songbirds
1x Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage
1x Wayfaring Temple

Instants (11)

2x Chorus of Might
1x Druid's Deliverance
2x Eyes in the Skies
1x Heroes' Reunion
1x Rootborn Defenses
2x Savage Surge
2x Trostani's Judgment

Sorceries (5)

2x Bountiful Harvest
2x Call of the Conclave
1x Coursers' Accord

Artifacts (2)

2x Selesnya Keyrune

Lands (25)

12x Forest
11x Plains
1x Grove of the Guardian
1x Selesnya Guildgate