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Magic: The Gathering - Scourge - Theme Deck - Pulverize

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Product Description

With only 143 cards, Scourge is a small expansion for the Magic The Gathering game. It is part of the Onslaught block, however, the booster packs feature art with dragons from various other MTG additions. As such, this expansion was nicknamed "The Dragon set."

Aside from the booster packs, this set also contained 4 pre-constructed decks and a fat pack. The Pulverize preconstructed theme deck is a bi-colored deck in the Scourge expansion and its theme is a "converted-mana-cost matters" tribal one. The colors on the cards in this deck are red and blue.

You might have a difficult time getting the hang of how to win with this card. Yet, if you carefully read the strategy sheet, you'll learn that it's not that hard at all. With just 19 Creatures you know that you have many other weapons in your arsenal to pulverize (the pun WAS intended) your enemies. 

So, what are these other weapons, you ask? Oh, not that much, just:

Creatures (19)

1x Aven Fateshaper
1x Bloodstoke Howler
3x Chartooth Cougar
1x Frenetic Raptor
2x Goblin Machinist
1x Macetail Hystrodon
1x Mischievous Quanar
2x Mistform Warchief
3x Scornful Egotist
2x Shoreline Ranger
1x Skittish Valesk
1x Thundercloud Elemental

Instants (4)

2x Carbonize
2x Dispersal Shield

Sorceries (8)

2x Erratic Explosion
2x Rush of Knowledge
1x Slice and Dice
3x Torrent of Fire

Enchantments (5)

2x Dragon Breath
1x Parallel Thoughts
2x Pyrostatic Pillar

Lands (24)

12x Island
12x Mountain