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Magic: The Gathering - Seventh Edition - Theme Deck - Bomber

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Product Description

In 2001 the Seventh Edition was released as a Magic Core Set in the Magic: The Gathering game of trading cards. A Magic Core Set contains 350 cards and is usually released through booster packs of 15 cards and 5 different Theme Decks. The Seventh Edition also contained a 2-Player Starter Set, but no tournament decks. Theme Decks were seen for the first time in the Seventh Edition.

Bomber is one of the decks released in the Seventh Edition and its theme color is blue. It is made of 40 cards and is intended for experienced players. Newbies to MTG should start with other decks that are specifically designed for them. 

In most of the pre-built decks for MTG, players will find at least one unusual card. Bomber has 2 such cards, both rare. These cards are the Ancestral Memories (the only Sorcery card) and Daring Apprentice (a Creature). Pointing back to the Creatures in this Bomber deck, most of them are one of a kind. There are also 3 unique Instant cards found in this deck. 

Let's see what kind of cards got picked for this deck:

Creatures (14)

1x Air Elemental
1x Coral Merfolk
1x Daring Apprentice
1x Fighting Drake
1x Glacial Wall
1x Horned Turtle
1x Merfolk Looter
1x Merfolk of the Pearl Trident
1x Prodigal Sorcerer
1x Sage Owl
1x Thieving Magpie
1x Wall of Air
2x Wind Drake

Enchantments (1)

1x Confiscate

Instants (7)

2x Boomerang
2x Counterspell
1x Force Spike
1x Inspiration
1x Unsummon

Sorceries (1)

1x Ancestral Memories

Lands (17)

17x Island