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Magic: The Gathering - Tenth Edition - Theme Deck - Arcanis's Guile

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Product Description

Magic: The Gathering trading cards have been released through Magic Core Sets and through expansions. The Core Sets are referred to as Editions, and they're numbered, in the order of release.

The Tenth Edition has 5 themed decks, each of them using a single color. the decks in the 10th Edition contain only 40 cards. Arcanis's Guile is one of these themed decks and the color of the cards is blue. Considering that the 10th Edition has a total of 385 cards, it's hard to imagine you'll get all of them through these Core Sets. If you want to own all the cards you might have to also get the Fat pack, the Tenth Edition Starter Game, and also try your luck through the booster packs of 16 cards.

Knowing the type of cards you'll get is sometimes useful, especially for older players. The name of the deck comes from one of the Creatures included, Arcanis the Omnipotent. When you get this card, you need to draw 3 more cards and put the Creature back in your hand. This card and the Denizen of the Deep are the rare ones included in the Arcanis's Guile deck.

Arcanis's Guile Decklist Breakdown:

Creatures (10)

2x Sage Owl
2x Cloud Elemental
1x Phantom Warrior
1x Aven Fisher
1x Thieving Magpie
1x Air Elemental
1x Arcanis the Omnipotent
1x Denizen of the Deep

Instants (10)

2x Unsummon
2x Remove Soul
1x Telling Time
1x Boomerang
2x Counsel of the Soratami
2x Cancel

Sorceries (1)

1x Tidings

Artifacts (2)

1x Kraken's Eye
1x Rod of Ruin

Lands (17)

17x Island