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Magic: The Gathering - Theros - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Blazing Beasts of Myth

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Product Description

The Blazing Beasts of Myth is an intro trading card pack from the Theros block. The deck is a preconstructed deck, making it easier for you to learn how to play the game. Given that the deck comes with instructions and a strategy sheet, learning how MTG works will be a piece of cake. 

Both new and old players will find such a deck useful. Blazing Beasts of Myth, like the other 4 decks, has only 60 cards. The deck comes with 2 booster packs too. The colors assigned to this deck are red and green, making it a bit more difficult for players with color blindness to fully appreciate the cards. 

For this deck 25 Lands, 22 Creatures, 9 Instants, 3 Sorceries, and an Enchantment, have been chosen. One of the cards with creatures, the Ember Swallower, also has a holographic foil. The theme of this deck is the mechanic called Monstrosity.

Blazing Beasts of Myth Decklist:

Creatures (22)

2 Borderland Minotaur
1 Ember Swallower
1 Ill-Tempered Cyclops
2 Minotaur Skullcleaver
2 Nemesis of Mortals
2 Nessian Asp
1 Nessian Courser
1 Polis Crusher
1 Rootwalla
2 Satyr Hedonist
1 Satyr Piper
2 Satyr Rambler
2 Stoneshock Giant
2 Voyaging Satyr

Instants (9)

1 Artisan's Sorrow
1 Destructive Revelry
2 Lightning Strike
2 Magma Jet
2 Volcanic Geyser
1 Windstorm

Sorceries (3)

1 Portent of Betrayal
2 Rage of Purphoros

Enchantments (1)

1 Dragon Mantle

Lands (25)

11 Forest
14 Mountain