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Magic: The Gathering - Theros - Intro Pack (Theme Deck) - Manipulative Monstrosities

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Product Description

The Manipulative Monstrosities is an intro trading card deck from the Magic: The Gathering game. Furthermore, this deck was released for the Theros game expansion released in 2013.

An intro deck is mostly useful for new MTG players, mostly because they are preconstructed. This aspect ensures the player receives a balanced deck that will help them win easily challenges against other players. 

An intro deck has 60 cards. The Manipulative Monstrosities also has 2 extra booster packs, the rules of the game, and a strategy sheet. MTG has colored borders for its cards. The colors used for This specific deck are blue and red and the aspect it explores is the "monstrosity" mechanic.  

Manipulative Monstrosities Decklist:

Creatures (18)

2x Archaeomancer
1x Burnished Hart
2x Coral Merfolk
2x Crackling Triton
2x Ill-Tempered Cyclops
2x Omenspeaker
2x Sealock Monster
1x Shipbreaker Kraken
2x Stoneshock Giant
1x Wall of Frost
1x Water Servant

Instants (11)

1x Disperse
1x Dissolve
2x Griptide
2x Lightning Strike
1x Lost in a Labyrinth
1x Magma Jet
2x Shock
1x Volcanic Geyser

Sorceries (4)

1x Curse of the Swine
2x Rage of Purphoros
1x Sea God's Revenge

Enchantments (1)

1x Ordeal of Purphoros

Lands (26)

16x Island
10x Mountain