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Magic: The Gathering - Throne of Eldraine - Planeswalker Deck - Rowan, Fearless Sparkmage

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Product Description

Magic: The Gathering is a very popular trading card game. Over the years it received many additions, including the Throne of Eldraine in 2019. This set is made of 4 deck cards made for the Brawl format and 2 planeswalker decks.

Rowan is the name of one of these planeswalker decks. Rowan is a Fearless Sparkmage and the card representing this planeswalker is colored red. The remaining cards in the deck use 2 colors: red and white.

    This deck has 5 exclusive cards and 2 additional rare cards. The exclusive cards are:

    • Rowan, Fearless Sparkmage (Mythic)
    • Garrison Griffin (Common)
    • Rowan's Battleguard (Uncommon)
    • Rowan's Stalwarts (Rare)
    • Wind-Scarred Crag (Land)

    The additional rare cards are the Acclaimed Contender and Giant Killer. Collectors might find great value in all these cards.

    Rowan, Fearless Sparkmage Decklist:

    Planeswalkers (1)

    1x Rowan, Fearless Sparkmage

    Creatures (27)

    1x Acclaimed Contender
    2x Ardenvale Tactician
    4x Garrison Griffin
    1x Giant Killer
    2x Inspiring Veteran
    2x Knight of the Keep
    2x Prized Griffin
    3x Rimrock Knight
    3x Rowan's Battleguard
    2x Rowan's Stalwarts
    2x Venerable Knight
    1x Weaselback Redcap
    2x Youthful Knight

    Instants (3)

    3x Scorching Dragonfire

    Sorceries (2)

    2x Joust

    Artifacts (2)

    2x Weapon Rack

    Lands (25)

    4x Wind-Scarred Crag
    11x Plains
    10x Mountain