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Magic: The Gathering - Time Spiral - Theme Deck - Fun With Fungus

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Product Description

Time Spiral is one of the blocks in the game Magic: The Gathering. It all started with the expansion by the same name that got released in 2006 as the 40th MTG expansion.

Time Spiral has 301 cards that could have been bought through the booster packs of 15 cards, tournament decks of 75 cards, preconstructed themed decks of 60 cards, and a fat pack. All the decks received a Pro Tour Players Card, randomly chosen. However, there are also 121 cards in this expansion that are specially printed for the Time Spiral block, and they're named "time-shifted."

Fun With Fungus is one of the preconstructed theme decks in the Time Spiral. It also contains timeshifted cards: Claws of Gix, Pendelhaven, and Thallid. What's more, there are also rare cards in this deck, like in most other themed decks, and they are Thelon of Havenwood and Verdant Embrace.

While you won't receive the rulebook, you will get a strategy sheet specifically written for this deck. According to the strategy sheet, you should play as many as possible of the 9 Thallid cards as you can. This is because these are fungus-Creatures, and they take 3 rounds to turn into spores, meaning they'll multiply and help you defeat your opponent.

Fun With Fungus Decklist:

Creatures (21)

3x Deathspore Thallid
2x Herd Gnarr
2x Pendelhaven Elder
2x Savage Thallid
2x Sporesower Thallid
2x Thallid
3x Thallid Germinator
3x Thallid Shell-Dweller
1x Thelon of Havenwood
1x Wormwood Dryad

Enchantments (4)

2x Fallen Ideal
1x Feebleness
1x Verdant Embrace

Instants (8)

1x Krosan Grip
1x Might of Old Krosa
2x Sprout
2x Strength in Numbers
2x Sudden Death

Sorceries (2)

1x Assassinate
1x Dread Return

Artifacts (1)

1x Claws of Gix

Lands (24)

13x Forest
1x Pendelhaven
10x Swamp