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Magic: The Gathering - Zendikar Rising - Commander Deck - Sneak Attack

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Product Description

For those who do not yet know, the Zendikar Rising is a 2020 expansion for the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. This game currently has around 90 expansions, giving players many options when it comes to game style, strategies, and more. 

This expansion has 2 commander decks that can help both new players to the world of MTG as well as older players who want to try out the Commander game style. Sneak Attack is one of these decks, while the other one is Land's Wrath.

Like the other EDH / Commander decks released, the Sneak Attack features 100 cards, The deck comes with 30 creatures, 13 artifacts, and 9 sorceries, all being unique. Other types of cards are also included, but not all of them are different. 

Sneak Attack Decklist: 

Commander (1)

1x Anowon, the Ruin Thief

Creatures (30)

1x Changeling Outcast
1x Consuming Aberration
1x Enigma Thief
1x Faerie Vandal
1x Frogtosser Banneret
1x Gonti, Lord of Luxury
1x Invisible Stalker
1x Latchkey Faerie
1x Lazav, Dimir Mastermind
1x Marang River Prowler
1x Marsh Flitter
1x Master Thief
1x Merfolk Windrobber
1x Nighthowler
1x Nightveil Sprite
1x Notion Thief
1x Ogre Slumlord
1x Oona, Queen of the Fae
1x Oona's Blackguard
1x Scourge of Fleets
1x Sepulchral Primordial
1x Slither Blade
1 Soaring Thought-Thief
1x Stinkdrinker Bandit
1x Sure-Footed Infiltrator
1x Sygg, River Cutthroat
1x Syr Konrad, the Grim
1x Triton Shorestalker
1x Whirler Rogue
1x Zulaport Cutthroat

Instants (8)

1x Aetherize
1x Fact or Fiction
1x Fated Return
1x Murder
1x Price of Fame
1x Silumgar's Command
1x Soul Manipulation
1x Spinal Embrace

Sorceries (9)

1x Distant Melody
1x Endless Obedience
1x Extract from Darkness
1x In Garruk's Wake
1x Necromantic Selection
1x Notorious Throng
1x Open into Wonder
1x Rise from the Grave
1x Stolen Identity

Enchantments (1)

1x Military Intelligence

Artifacts (13)

1x Arcane Signet
1x Blackblade Reforged
1x Bonehoard
1x Commander's Sphere
1x Dimir Keyrune
1x Dimir Locket
1x Dimir Signet
1x Heirloom Blade
1x Mind Stone
1x Obelisk of Urd
1x Scytheclaw
1x Sol Ring
1x Whispersteel Dagger

Lands (38)

1x Command Tower
1x Dimir Aqueduct
1x Dimir Guildgate
1x Dismal Backwater
15x Island
1x Jwar Isle Refuge
1x Myriad Landscape
1x Rogue's Passage
1x Submerged Boneyard
15x Swamp