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Mario Party 5 - Nintendo GameCube

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Product Description

Mario Party 5 is an exciting party game for the Nintendo GameCube that allows up to four players to participate in various virtual boards as they interact with one another. Released in November 2003, Mario Party 5 is the fifth main installment in the Mario Party series, succeeding Mario Party 4. This game is significant as it introduces new modes, including Super Duel Mode, where players battle each other on battle machines, and Bonus Mode, where players can play special mini-games, similar to Mario Party 4's Extra Mode.

Mario Party 5 also offers players the chance to visit the dream world known as Dream Depot, where all dreams come together. Here, Mario and his closest friends are invited to play many fun-filled games created by Star Guards, who protect the dreams of all. However, Bowser and Koopa Kid are planning to ruin everyone's dreams, and players must stop Bowser from taking over said dreams. To do so, players must clear the six boards in Story Mode and then face the Koopa Kids in Bowser Nightmare. If they beat that board, they must fight Bowser in Frightmare.

In Mario Party 5, players move around the board by rolling a Dice Block numbered one through ten, with the game beginning by deciding the order of play with Dice Blocks. Players who roll the highest numbers get to start their turn sooner. The objective of the game is to collect as many Stars as possible, with each Star worth 20 coins. Stars appear in random, set locations, which get shuffled every time a player acquires a Star. Players can earn coins to purchase these Stars by landing on spaces or winning mini-games. The spaces players land on can either be beneficial or harmful, and players also have the option to receive items called capsules at capsule machines, which replace the Item Shops of the previous entries of the Mario Party series.

Moreover, players have the opportunity to play different types of mini-games at the end of every turn, each with their own set of rules and settings. The type of mini-game is determined by the color of the panel, which is dependent on the space the player has landed on. If everyone has the same color, then a 4-Player mini-game begins. If players have an equal number of colored panels, a 2-vs.-2 mini-game is played, and so on. Additionally, a battle mini-game can take place, with winning players receiving more coins than lower-placed players. Other mini-games such as Duel, Bowser, and DK mini-games require a specific space-landing or item usage for the mini-games to be played.

Mario Party 5 is a fun and engaging game that provides hours of entertainment for players of all ages. With its new modes, exciting mini-games, and Dream Depot setting, players can enjoy an immersive experience that will keep them coming back for more. Don't miss out on the chance to play this classic party game on the Nintendo GameCube!

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