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Mario Super Sluggers - Nintendo Wii

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Product Description

Mario Super Sluggers is a thrilling sports and adventure video game for the Wii that features an exciting game mode similar to Mario Superstar Baseball. Developed by Namco Bandai Games and Now Production and published by Nintendo, it is the sequel to Mario Superstar Baseball for the GameCube. The game features a large character roster, multiplayer gameplay, and several exciting game modes that players will love.

Players can choose to play in the Exhibition mode, where they can select a captain and eight other players to be on their team, choose the number of innings and field positions, and select which of the nine stadiums to play on. The Challenge Mode is an adventure where the player starts as Mario and must recruit all the characters to unlock all characters and stadiums. They must defeat Bowser Jr., who is taking over the ball parks, and then face Bowser in his Castle. The player can choose between five different captains, including Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario, and Princess Peach, and switch captains at any time during gameplay.

The game also features nine exciting minigames, including Toy Field, where players try to hit baseballs to point spaces all around the field, and Practice, where players can improve their skills. Players can check their progress and see the MVPs of exhibition games, star players in challenge mode, and high scores of the minigames in the Records section.

Mario Super Sluggers also features immersive gameplay, with different styles of game mechanics and three available control methods: Wii Remote by itself, Wii Remote and Nunchuk, and Wii Remote held sideways. The game is all about chemistry between the nine characters on a team, giving any team the opportunity to earn items, rob home runs with a super jump, and use a laser beam throw to catch any opponent in the base path. The game received mixed to positive reviews, with critics praising the gameplay, large character roster, and multiplayer option, but criticizing the controls and lack of online play.

Nintendo created a series of collectible online Mario Super Sluggers cards for the North American marketing launch, with a card for each of the 41 characters featured in the game. The game was also promoted at Safeco Field, where fans received special Mario Super Sluggers foam mitts and had the chance to win a Wii system along with the game. Overall, Mario Super Sluggers is an exciting and fun game that fans of the Mario Sports series will surely enjoy.

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