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Mario Tennis: Aces - Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

Do you want to play tennis or Mario Bros? Well, now it doesn't matter anymore if you get this game for the Nintendo Switch console! It combines both games into one, for a new level of skills and competition, so check it out!

Mario wears a new outfit, fit for the tennis court. But playing tennis while controlling Mario is not everything there is to this game. This game installment also comes with a storyline that will send you on quests, boss battles, and other exciting adventures! 

Of course, there are several game modes to try out, both on and offline. One of the modes other players like is the Adventure one. This is the one that sends you on quests, makes you battle bosses, and whatnot. Of course, you'll have to master the controls while you're at it. 

The tournament mode is basically the single-player mode. You can play with up to 3 other friends, both on and offline, just like you would on a real tennis court. 

Depending on the strategy you choose on the tennis court, you can collect energy that you can use at a later time. Stocked energy can make you move really fast. When someone misses blocking a ball, their tennis racket becomes damaged and it breaks after 3 missed opportunities.   

Make sure you have the Nintendo Switch Online membership, a Nintendo Account, and all other accessories needed for online or multiplayer gameplay. All these other elements are available separately from this listing.