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Minecraft - Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

Minecraft is a game in which players will place blocks to create new worlds and then go on adventures. Players can also build simple homes but also the largest castles. 

The game has two main play modes:

  • Creative: has unlimited resources
  • Survival: you must craft what you need to protect yourself

Furthermore, these are other game options:

  • TV mode,
  • Tabletop mode,
  • Handheld mode

 Depending on how you play, these are the number of users allowed:

  • Single System (1-4)
  • Local wireless (2-8)
  • Online (2-8)

Here are some of the most interesting game features:

  • Includes Super Mario Mash-Up,
  • Nature Texture Pack,
  • Settlers Skin Pack,
  • Battle and Beasts Skin Pack,
  • Campfire Tales Skin Pack