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Magic: The Gathering Commander Deck - Ruthless Regiment - Preconstructed Theme Deck

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Product Description

In 2020, a new Commander set of cards was released for Magic: The Gathering. Each deck in the set has 100 cards, just like the other commander sets released in previous years. This year's commander series has 5 decks, unlike previous releases. 

Ruthless Regiment is one of these decks. Its theme is "human tribal" and its main commander is Jirina Kudro, a human soldier. She's seen on the front of the deck's box. The cards can have one of these colors: red, black, or white, the same ones used by the Mardu Horde clan.

In this deck, you get 32 distinct creatures, 36 lands (not all unique), 5 sorceries, 9 enchantments, and 10 artifacts. 17 of these cards are new and 7 cards use the Ikoria expansion symbol, as they were released in that expansion as well.  

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