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Magic: The Gathering Draft Booster Pack - Zendikar Rising

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Product Description

Magic: The Gathering is probably one of the many games folks have been playing throughout the years. Back in 2020, the Zendikar Rising expansion was released, and along with it, 2 pre-constructed decks for the Commander mode. 

Perhaps you didn't or don't want to buy one of the decks, yet you still want to explore this expansion. You can do so through a booster pack, like the one here. These packs contain 15 cards, however, their downside is that one can't know what they'll be getting. 

Booster packs are for those who want to make their own decks or expand the ones they already have. You might want to buy a booster pack for a chance at getting one of the 15 cards that have been reprinted and haven't been around for some time.  

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