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Magic: The Gathering Intro Pack Return to Ravnica - Azorius Advance - Preconstructed Theme Deck

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Product Description

It's possible for some players of the Magic: The Gathering trading card game to prefer certain cards over others, based solely on their color. If you like blue and white, for instance, you might consider getting the Azorius Advance intro deck. 

An intro deck consists of a total of 60 cards. These decks are meant to help folks learn the ropes of the MTG game overall, or those of the game expansion they're part of. This deck of the 59th game expansion has the following types of cards: 25 Lands, 23 Creatures, 3 Enchantments, 5 Instants, one Sorcery, and 3 Artifacts.

The main advantage of a preconstructed deck is that you can start playing right as you get your hands on the deck, Additionally, you have a lower risk of getting too many of the same card, as you would through boosters. 

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