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Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker Deck Ravnica Allegiance - Domri - Preconstructed Theme Deck

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Product Description

Domri is a City Smasher and the card representing him has 2 colors: red and green. As a Planeswalker, he was chosen for the Domri trading card set named after him, from the Ravnica Allegiance game expansion. The game in question is, of course, Magic: The Gathering.

The expansion has only 2 planeswalker decks, with the other one being called Dovin. Both decks have 4 exclusive cards each and 2 other rare cards. The 4 cards exclusive to the Domri deck are:

  • Domri, City Smasher (Mythic)
  • Ragefire (Common)
  • Domri's Nodorog (Rare)
  • Charging War Boar (Uncommon)

The 2 additional rare cards in this deck are End-Raze Forerunners and Glass of the Guildpact. A planeswalker deck has the minimum mandatory number of cards to participate in a challenge, which is 60. The 59 cards in this deck, aside from the planeswalker, belong to the following categories:

  • Land (26)
  • Instant (4)
  • Creature (24)
  • Sorcery (4)
  • Artifact (1)

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