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Magic: The Gathering Theme Deck Betrayers of Kamigawa - Dark Devotion - Preconstructed Theme Deck

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Product Description

In 2005, the creators of the Magic: The Gathering game released the Betrayers of Kamigawa expansion. This addition to the game features 4 preconstructed theme decks and a total of 165 cards with a black border.

One of thee decks is called Dark Devotion and its colors are black and red. The cards selected for it are from these categories:

  • Lands - 24
  • Creatures - 25
  • Enchantments - 4
  • Sorceries - 2
  • Instants - 5

Two of the Creature cards are rare, and these cards are Heartless Hidetsugu and Yukora, The Prisoner.

Since there is a total of 60 cards in this deck, you can start playing MTG as soon as you open your deck. The only downside is that the rules are not included in this deck.

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