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Magic: The Gathering Theme Deck Darksteel - Master Blaster - Preconstructed Theme Deck

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Product Description

Master Blaster is one of the 4 preconstructed theme decks in the Darksteel, one of the Magic: The Gathering game expansions from 2004. If you play MTG and want to cause as much damage as possible while making it difficult for anyone to damage you, then this deck can help you achieve just that.

Darksteel is a small game expansion, and in fact the first of its kind. A "small expansion" refers to the number of cards in the game addition and Darksteel has only 165 cards.

The cards included in this preconstructed theme deck are of the following type: 

  • Lands (24)
  • Artifacts (7)
  • Sorceries (3)
  • Instants (6)
  • Creatures (20)

You probably wonder if there are any rare cards in this deck. The answer is yes, and these are Gemini Engine (a Creature) and Pulse of the Forge (an Instant).

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