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Magic: The Gathering Theme Deck Future Sight - Suspended Sentence - Preconstructed Theme Deck

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Product Description

The Suspended Sentence is a trading card deck from Magic: The Gathering that allows the player to control time. At the very least in the game. This deck makes used of the colors black and blue, as indicated on the box.

Nihilith and Shimian Specter, both being Creatures, are the 2 rare cards in this deck. Future Sight, as a whole expansion, has 81 cards that have been specifically released for it, though, at the time of release, these cards were planned for other future decks. The Suspended Sentence contains no such card, unfortunately.

What it does contain can be seen below:

  • A strategy sheet
  • A random Time Spiral basic land card
  • A random Pro Tour Player card
  • A total of 60 cards:
    • Sorceries (11)
    • Instants (3)
    • Enchantments (6)
    • Lands (24)
    • Creatures (16)

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