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Magic: The Gathering Theme Deck Saviors of Kamigawa - Critical Mass - Preconstructed Theme Deck

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Product Description

If you like Eastern Asian cultures, you're highly likely to want to collect all the cards in the Kamigawa block. Saviors of Kamigawa is the 3rd addition to this expansion. However, this addition is a small one given that there are just 165 cards to gather. Their release took place in 2005 through a fat pack, booster packs of 15 cards, as well as 4 pre-constructed decks of 60 cards each, all focusing on a specific theme.

The theme in the Critical Mass deck is a bit hard to guess, but all you have to do it to try and understand its name. Critical Mass indirectly tells you that you need to have more cards than your opponent at any given time. You'll have to read the strategy sheet included first, if you don't really know how to make your opponent drop cards at a fast pace.

Let's have a look at the types of cards that you'll get:

  • Lands (24)
  • Creatures (22)
  • Enchantments (3)
  • Instants (5)
  • Sorceries (5)
  • Artifacts (1)

There are 2 rare cards included here. These are the:

  • Akuta, Born of Ash, a creature
  • Thoughts of Ruin, a sorcery

One of the lands is a premium basic, randomly chosen from the Champions of Kamigawa game expansion.

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