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Magic: The Gathering Theme Deck Tenth Edition - Molimo's Might - Preconstructed Theme Deck

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Product Description

Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer is a rare card in one of the themed decks in the Tenth Edition. The deck this card belongs to was named after this card: Molimo's Might. There's another rare card in this deck, the Hurricane.

Here's a complete list of the cards in this deck, which old players will surely find useful:

  • 16 Lands, all being Forests
  • 13 Creatures, all listed next
    • 2 Canopy Spider
    • 2 Civic Wayfinder
    • 2 Rootwalla
    • 1 Stampeding Wildebeests
    • 2 Spined Wurm
    • 1 Kavu Climber
    • 1 Craw Wurm
    • 1 Enormous Baloth
    • 1 Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer
  • 1 Instant, the Giant Growth card
  • 2 Enchantments, both being Blanchwood Armor
  • 6 Sorceries, listed below as well:
    • 2 Rampant Growth
    • 2 Commune with Nature
    • 1 Overrun
    • 1 Hurricane
  • 2 Artifacts, with their names listed below:
    • 1 Mantis Engine
    • 1 Wurm's Tooth

All the cards listed here are colored green. Since there are just 40 cards in this deck, you might find it hard to come up with a winning strategy. Use first the method provided in the deck. As you play, you'll see that the start of the challenge is slow, however, by the end of it all, it will be your enemy who will be crying. 

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