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Magic: The Gathering Unsanctioned Box Set

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Product Description

"Unsanctioned" is the name of some silver-bordered cards released by the creators of Magic: The Gathering and meant for casual play. Unsanctioned was released as a box set in 2020. It contains reprints from previous releases as well as 16 brand new cards. Since these cards are meant for players to use them casually, the cards are actually referred to as "un-cards."

In this box, you'll find 5 single-colored decks of 30 cards each. Therefore, you'll have 150 cards in total. The packages can be attached to other decks and sets in MTG, making the gameplay that much more fun and interesting.

Yet, when you want to play with Unsanctioned alone, you and your opponent will choose just 2 decks, so you'll each have 60 cards on hand. You'll also have a new bicolored deck. this aspect gives many game strategies and ways of winning.

The cards are also rather interesting and funny with amazing art. For instance, The card Giant Teddy shows a big pink plush teddy bear with long claws and fangs. This is a Token Creature, though you'll also have Host Creatures like the Adorable Kitty un-card. The art for token creatures is different than the art for the Land un-cards, or other types of un-cards.  

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