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New Super Mario Bros. 2 - Nintendo 3DS

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Product Description

Nintendo brought the "New Super Mario Bros. 2" video game to those owning a 3DS gaming station. This new game brings a new Gold Mario, gold Fire Flowers, gold pipes, as well as the new blockhead Mario. This Mario has the ability to transform his enemies into coins. How many coins can you collect? 

The main feature of this game is that it focuses on collecting coins over saving Princess Peach. For this, the Coin Rush Mode has 3 levels in which you can collect 1,000,000 coins! Yes, one million coins! The gold Fire Flower is the item that gives Mario the ability to turn others into coins. 

Part of the fun of this game is collecting coins as you complete the levels. This is recorded by the game itself. Speaking of levels, or stages, there are more than 80 of these created for this game. If you like challenges, you can use SpotPass and see which one of you and your friends is better at collecting these coins.  Reaching these million coins will bring you a special game prize. 

As usual, this New Super Mario Bros. 2 scrolls sideways. Both brothers are featured in this game installment which is a direct sequel to the game released in 2006 for the Nintendo DS. 

Some of the players will be happy to learn that Racoon Mario returns and this means you'll have access to various new areas. Even some power-ups make a return, while others are brand new to this game version.