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Oakie Doakie - D6 12mm Dice (Marble Black)

Oakie Doakie - D6 12mm Dice (Marble Black)

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Elegant Design: Special marble look with a glossy finish, providing a chic and sophisticated appearance.

Set Options: Available in sets of 12 (16mm) or 36 (12mm) pieces to suit your gaming needs.

Durable Packaging: Packed in strong boxes with extendable shelves, ensuring easy portability and protection.

Convenient Storage: Shelves fit perfectly into the Ultimate Guard® Flip'n'Tray 80 for organized and accessible storage.

Versatile Use: Ideal for a variety of tabletop games, adding both style and functionality to your game nights.

Portable: Easily take your dice with you to any gaming location, ensuring you’re always ready to play.

Product Description


Introducing the Oakie Doakie D6 12mm Dice in Marble Black, a must-have for any gaming enthusiast. These dice boast a striking marble design coupled with a glossy finish, adding a touch of elegance to your gaming experience. The intricate marble pattern not only enhances their visual appeal but also ensures that they stand out on any gaming table.

Each set includes 36 dice, all meticulously crafted to ensure precision and durability. The 12mm size makes them perfect for a variety of tabletop games, providing a comfortable grip and easy handling. These dice are housed in sturdy boxes featuring extendable shelves, making them exceptionally portable. Whether you're heading to a friend's house or a gaming convention, you can effortlessly take your Oakie Doakie dice with you and be ready to play at a moment's notice.

Moreover, the packaging is designed with convenience in mind. The extendable shelves fit seamlessly into the Ultimate Guard® Flip'n'Tray 80, offering a practical storage solution for avid gamers. This thoughtful design ensures that your dice are always organized and easily accessible, so you can focus on enjoying your game.

Elevate your gaming sessions with the sophisticated and reliable Oakie Doakie D6 12mm Dice in Marble Black. Perfect for collectors and gamers alike, these dice are a stylish addition to any game night.

Box Contents


Oakie Doakie - D6 12mm Dice (Marble Black)

Protective Packaging

Product Information


Manufacturer: Oakie Dokie Dice

Item Weight: 0.3 pounds

Item UPC: 4056133700030

Manufacturer Description


These dice are super nice thanks to their special marble look and glossy finish – très chic!

D6 dice are available in sets of 12 (16 mm) or 36 (12 mm) pieces and are packed in strong boxes with extendable shelves so you can easily take them with you and play wherever you want to.

The shelves in which the dice come packaged fit perfectly into the Ultimate Guard® Flip'n'Tray 80.

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