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Oakie Doakie - D6 12mm Dice (Marble Black)

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Product Description

Black and white are one of the most classic color combinations. Most cubic dice out there are white with black dots. However, this combination can be a bit boring at times. Reversing their position can make a big difference when playing a game, as the dice alone look fancier.

This is exactly what Oakie Doakie did with this set of 36 D6 dice pieces measuring 12 mm on each side. A cube has 6 sides, and the value of any dice side is shown on it, usually through dots. The minimum value is 1 and the maximum is 6. 

The glossy finish on these dice gives the impression their surface is not straight, but this is just an impression. The corners of each dice are well-rounded to help them roll across the surface they're thrown on, instead of jumping and risking losing them. 

Some of you might own an Ultimate Guard Flip'n'Tray 80. The dice and the drawers they come in are a perfect match if you prefer another item to keep them in. They do come in a transparent hard plastic box that allows you to keep track of all the items in the set.