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Oakie Doakie - D6 12mm Dice (Marble Orange)

Oakie Doakie - D6 12mm Dice (Marble Orange)

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Quantity: 36 Dice: Each set contains 36 pieces of D6 dice, ensuring an extensive collection for various gaming scenarios.

Size: 12mm: Compact size facilitates easy handling and delivers satisfying rolls during gameplay.

Vibrant Design: Marble Orange: The eye-catching Marble Orange design injects energy and excitement into your gaming experience.

Sturdy Packaging: Packaged in Sturdy Boxes: Dice are securely packaged in durable boxes with slide-out drawers, ensuring protection during transport and convenient storage.

Portable: Easy to Take Anywhere: Compact packaging enables effortless transportation, allowing for gaming sessions on the go.

Product Description


Elevate your gaming experience with Oakie Doakie's D6 12mm Dice in the vibrant Marble Orange design. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these dice are a perfect fusion of style and functionality. Each set comprises 36 pieces, ensuring you have an extensive collection for various gaming scenarios. Packaged in sturdy boxes with slide-out drawers, these dice are not only convenient to carry but also make organization and storage effortless. Whether you're immersing yourself in fantasy realms or strategizing in sci-fi universes, these dice are ready to roll.

The Marble Orange design injects a burst of energy onto your gaming table, making every roll an exciting spectacle. Each die is meticulously crafted to ensure balanced rolls and precise outcomes, enhancing the thrill of your games. With a compact size of 12mm, these dice are easy to handle and deliver a satisfying feel with every roll. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just starting your tabletop adventures, Oakie Doakie's D6 dice are the perfect companions for your gaming journey.

Versatile and resilient, Oakie Doakie's D6 12mm Dice in Marble Orange are engineered to withstand countless gaming sessions without compromising on quality. The robust packaging guarantees the safety of your dice during transit, while the slide-out drawers offer convenient access whenever the gaming bug bites. Immerse yourself in the world of tabletop gaming with these stylish and dependable dice, and let the Marble Orange design infuse a vibrant flair into your gaming sessions.

Box Contents


Oakie Doakie - D6 12mm Dice (Marble Orange)

Protective Packaging

Product Information


Manufacturer: Oakie Dokie Dice

Item Weight: 0.3 pounds

Item UPC: 4056133700078

Manufacturer Description


The D6 dice come in sets of 36 (12 mm) pieces and are packaged in sturdy boxes with slide-out drawers, making them easy to take with you and play anywhere.

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