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Oakie Doakie - D6 12mm Dice (Silver Rust)

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Product Description

Do you like the Oakie Doakie dice? Here we have a set of 36 pieces of official Oakie Doakie dice. This set of dice stands out through its color scheme. There are 3 colors used on these dice:

  • silver - the main color
  • rust - spots here and there
  • white - for the dots showing the value of the side

Due to the color combination, these dice remind users of marble pieces. The contrast between silver and white is high enough to allow people to read the number of dots. 

Their shape is cubic, meaning all dice have 6 sides and the values are from 1 to 6. These D6 dice measure 12 mm, making them relatively small and comfortable to play with. Furthermore, their rounded corners help them roll better instead of jumping. 

The package is a box made of strong plastic. The dice are placed on extendable shelves. These shelves can also be used with the Ultimate Guard® Flip'n'Tray 80, for those who own this item.