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Pac-Man Handheld Electronic Game - Micro Arcade

Pac-Man Handheld Electronic Game - Micro Arcade

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Classic Gameplay: Experience the original arcade Pac-Man™ gameplay, faithfully recreated in this handheld electronic game.

Commemorative Design: Own a gold miniature replica of the classic Pac-Man™ arcade cabinet, celebrating 40 years of arcade history.

Animated Graphics: Enjoy lenticular labels that bring the classic arcade cabinet graphics to life, adding to the nostalgic appeal.

Glowing Coin Trap: Marvel at the glowing coin trap feature, adding an authentic touch to your gaming experience.

Customizable Experience: Adjust the volume and utilize the 3.5mm headphone port for personalized gaming sessions.

Versatile Power Options: Power your Micro Arcade with 4 AA batteries (not included) or a Micro-USB cable (not included), offering flexibility in how you play.

Product Description


Step back in time and celebrate 40 years of arcade history with the Pac-Man Handheld Electronic Game Micro Arcade. This miniature version faithfully replicates the original arcade cabinet, complete with classic Pac-Man gameplay. Navigate the maze, collect Pac-Dots and fruits, all while evading the relentless pursuit of Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. It's a nostalgic journey through one of gaming's most iconic titles.

Featuring an authentic gold miniature replica of the classic Pac-Man arcade cabinet, this commemorative edition pays homage to the beloved game that captured hearts worldwide. Lenticular labels animate the cabinet graphics, adding to the nostalgic charm. With a glowing coin trap, volume control, and a 3.5mm headphone port, you can customize your gaming experience to suit your preferences.

Powered by either 4 AA batteries (not included) or a Micro-USB cable (not included), this handheld electronic game offers versatility in how you play. Whether you're reliving fond memories or discovering the magic of Pac-Man for the first time, this Micro Arcade is a must-have for fans of retro gaming.

Box Contents


Pac-Man Handheld Electronic Game

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Product Information


Manufacturer: Super Impulse

Item Weight: 0.2 pounds

Item UPC: 810010990075

Manufacturer Description


Celebrate 40 years of arcade’s biggest icon with this commemorative miniature version of the original arcade cabinet. Collect all the Pac-Dots and fruits, but watch out for ghosts! BLINKY, PINKY, INKY and CLYDE are out to get one of gaming’s most iconic characters, PAC-MAN™. Forty years after its original 1980 release, PAC-MAN™ is still regarded as one of the most famous arcade games of all time.


  • Original arcade PAC-MAN™ gameplay.
  • Commemorative gold miniature replica of the classic PAC-MAN™ arcade cabinet.
  • Lenticular labels that animate the classic arcade cabinet graphics.
  • Glowing coin trap.
  • Volume control and 3.5mm headphone port.
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) or Micro-USB cable (not included).

About the Manufacturer


Discover the world of micro-sized fun with Super Impulse Products, your go-to source for a vast array of miniature marvels and collectibles. Specializing in creating compact versions of beloved toys and games, Super Impulse brings nostalgia to life in pocket-sized form. From iconic toys of yesteryear to modern classics, our diverse product line captures the essence of playtime in a uniquely collectible way. Dive into the joy of tiny treasures with Super Impulse, where big fun comes in small packages.

Super Impulse is synonymous with quality and creativity, earning a global reputation for delivering miniature masterpieces that resonate with collectors and enthusiasts alike. We work closely with licensors to ensure our products not only reflect the essence of the originals but also meet the high standards set by intellectual property owners. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a casual fan, Super Impulse invites you to explore our extensive selection of officially licensed miniatures, each crafted with precision and a passion for preserving the magic of play in a size that fits in the palm of your hand. Experience the world of Super Impulse Products, where small wonders make a big impact on the hearts of collectors everywhere.

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