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Pac-Man Handheld Electronic Game - Micro Arcade

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Product Description

Pac-Man is one of the oldest games out there. It's rather easy to play at first, but as the levels increase, so does its difficulty. Mastering this game is a different story. However, for those who aren't familiar with the game, Pac-Man must eat the Pac-Dots and stay away from the Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde ghosts. 

There are many folks out there who miss playing this video game in an arcade place. However, with this little device, this is no longer the case: you just take it out of your pocket and start playing whenever you're bored. 

The product is extremely small, so you might even have to be careful not to lose it! Its measurements are 3.25 x 2 x .375 of an inch, making it almost the same size as a credit card. Its screen is full-color making the gaming experience much more enjoyable. To add to the fun, sound effects and directional control buttons have been added to the device and game. 

Since this Micro Arcade is an electronic gadget, it needs a battery to function. One comes incorporated into the device. You can't change it, but recharge it with the micro USB charger included.