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Persona 5 Strikers - Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

If you own a Nintendo Switch game console you might be interested in playing this "Persona 5 Strikers" video game. The goal of the game is easy to figure out: you'll help the Phantom Thieves to strike out against the corruption overtaking Japan. 

Things start out easy as these Thieves want to hit the road. However, a ruthless Kyoto detective threatens to arrest Joker unless they help him investigate several weird cases across the country. These cases involve innocent people being imprisoned and the Thieves will have to rescue them. 

The game features 6 Japanese cities, regional recipes that you'll have to cook, as well as fights where you can pause the game to plan your next move. You can play any of the Phantom Thieves, and you can use the character's specific abilities for smooth and graceful combat.

The characters use unique spells and you can strengthen their skills. You can even fight like a giant cat bus if you ever wanted to do that. 

Make sure to use the code that allows you to download bonus content, such as:

  • a minimum of 40 songs as a soundtrack
  • a digital art book