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Pokémon - Pikachu Figure (Thunderbolt) - Pokémon Gallery

Pokémon - Pikachu Figure (Thunderbolt) - Pokémon Gallery

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Electrifying Thunderbolt Move: Witness Pikachu in action as it unleashes its powerful Thunderbolt move in this dynamic figure from the Pokémon Gallery collection. Sculpted and painted to perfection, this figure captures the electrifying energy and motion of Pikachu's iconic attack, making it a standout piece in any Pokémon collection.

Collectible Series: Dive into the thrilling world of Pokémon battles with the Pokémon Gallery Figures series. Each figure is meticulously designed to showcase Pokémon and their signature moves in amazing battle poses, allowing collectors to get up close to the action. Start or expand your collection today and capture the excitement of Pokémon battles with Pikachu and other figures from the series.

Exclusive Pokémon Center Original: This Pikachu Figure (Thunderbolt) is an exclusive Pokémon Center original, ensuring its authenticity and quality. Sculpted and painted with precision, this figure is a must-have for Pokémon enthusiasts and collectors. Add Pikachu's electrifying power to your collection and experience the thrill of Pokémon battles with this stunning figure from the Pokémon Gallery collection.

Product Description


Get ready to feel the jolt of excitement with the Pikachu Figure (Thunderbolt) from Pokémon Gallery. With Pikachu unleashing its iconic Thunderbolt move, this figure is sculpted and painted to perfection, showcasing the dynamic motion and raw power of this Electric-type Pokémon. Each detail captures the essence of Pikachu's electrifying attack, making it a thrilling addition to any Pokémon collection.

Immerse yourself in the thrill of battle with the Pokémon Gallery Figures series. Designed to bring Pokémon and their signature moves to life in stunning detail, these figures offer an up-close look at your favorite Pokémon in action. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a Pokémon enthusiast, the Pikachu Figure (Thunderbolt) is a must-have piece to complete your collection and relive epic Pokémon battles.

Exclusively from Pokémon Center, this Pikachu Figure (Thunderbolt) is a Pokémon Gallery original, ensuring its authenticity and quality. Don't miss your chance to own this amazing battle pose figure and experience the electrifying power of Pikachu's Thunderbolt move in your own collection. Capture the excitement of the Pokémon world and add Pikachu to your lineup today!.

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Pikachu Figure (Thunderbolt)

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Fandom: Pokémon

Manufacturer: Pokemon Center

Item Weight: 0.34 pounds

Item UPC: 820650000218

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Pikachu used Thunderbolt!

Sculpted and painted to showcase motion and power, Pokémon Gallery Figures capture Pokémon and their moves in amazing battle poses.

Get up close to the action and collect the whole Pokémon Gallery Figures series! Amazing battle pose!

Pokémon Center original.

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Pokémon, short for "Pocket Monsters," is a multimedia franchise that originated in Japan in the 1990s and quickly became a global phenomenon. At its core, Pokémon revolves around the concept of capturing, training, and battling fictional creatures called Pokémon. Players, known as Pokémon Trainers, embark on journeys to catch Pokémon, build teams, and compete against other Trainers in strategic battles. The franchise encompasses various forms of media, including video games, trading card games, animated television series, movies, merchandise, and more, offering fans a diverse and immersive experience in the Pokémon universe.

The Pokémon world is inhabited by hundreds of unique species of Pokémon, each with its own characteristics, abilities, and evolutionary paths. Trainers aim to become Pokémon Masters by capturing a wide variety of Pokémon, training them to become stronger, and strategically using them in battles to overcome challenges and achieve victory. Alongside its engaging gameplay mechanics, Pokémon has garnered widespread acclaim for its vibrant characters, captivating storylines, and enduring themes of friendship, adventure, and self-discovery. Over the years, Pokémon has evolved and expanded, continually introducing new generations of Pokémon, regions to explore, and innovative gameplay features, ensuring its relevance and appeal to fans of all ages across the globe.

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