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Pokémon - Sun and Moon: Crimson Invasion - Hydreigon Theme Deck - Destruction Fang

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Product Description

The Crimson Invasion is the 4th expansion from the Sun and Moon series, from the Pokemon TCG. Many expansions in the Pokemon TCG have only 2 themed decks. Since others have built these decks, the players' jobs are made easier: all they have to do is to learn how to play and then win.

The Destruction Fang is a themed deck that uses mostly Darkness Pokemons. Its leader is called Hydreigon and the Cracked Ice Holofoil card depicting it can only be found in this deck. There are 2 other cards that are special in this deck, but they're not exclusive to the deck. These cards are the Non-Holofoil version of Salazzle and the Non-Holofoil version of Oranguru.

Armed with Fangs, claws, and poison, Hydreigon and its friends are ready to help you win any battle! This deck of 60 cards also includes:

  • Card checklist
  • A collectible coin
  • A mat for 2 players
  • The rule sheet
  • A deck box
  • Damage counters
  • A code card for the Pokémon TCG Online

If you want to know ahead of time which cards were selected for this deck, all you have to do is to look on the back of the package. 

Destruction Fang Decklist:


2× Hydreigon
2× Zweilous
3× Deino
2× Houndoom
3× Houndour
2× Bewear
3× Stufful
1× Salazzle
2× Salandit
2× Mawile
1× Oranguru
1× Energy Retrieval
1× Escape Rope
1× Exp. Share
1× Great Ball
3× Hau
2× Nest Ball
2× Professor Kukui
1× Rescue Stretcher
1× Sophocles
1× Switch
2× Timer Ball
1× Wishful Baton
12× Darkness Energy
8× Psychic Energy