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Pokémon - Sun and Moon: Crimson Invasion - Kommo-o Theme Deck - Clanging Thunder

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Product Description

"Kommo-o" is the name of the lead Pokemon in the Clanging Thunder trading card deck. Getting a preconstructed deck of trading cards makes things easier, especially for new players of this game. 

Clanging Thunder is one of the 2 decks in the Crimson Invasion expansion from the Pokemon TCG. In turn, Crimson Invasion is one of the 12 expansions in the Sun and Moon Series, or in Japan, the Sun and Moon Era. In Japan, the Crimson Invasion is known as the Awakened Heroes and Ultradimensional Beasts, because it's a dual expansion.

Upon getting this product, you'll receive: 

  • A 60-card deck
  • A collectible coin
  • Damage counters
  • Deck box
  • A code card for the Pokémon TCG Online

The themed deck Clanging Thunder uses these types of Pokemons: Lightning, Fighting, and Dragon. You cannot not win will all of these Pokemons!

Clanging Thunder Decklist:


2× Kommo-o
2× Hakamo-o
3× Jangmo-o
2× Alolan Raichu
3× Pikachu
2× Gastrodon
3× Shellos
2× Emolga
2× Solrock
1× Type: Null
1× Big Malasada
1× Devoured Field
1× Energy Retrieval
1× Escape Rope
1× Exp. Share
3× Hau
1× Lillie
2× Nest Ball
2× Professor Kukui
1× Rescue Stretcher
1× Switch
2× Timer Ball
1× Ultra Ball
12× Fighting Energy
8× Lightning Energy