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Pokémon - Sun and Moon: Lost Thunder - Entei Theme Deck - Blazing Volcano

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Product Description

If you play any Pokemon game, you gotta catch them all! The Pokemon Sun & Moon: Lost Thunder TCG expansion will help out with over 210 brand new cards to collect. Will you find them all? This expansion dates back to 2018 and it has only 2 themed decks.

The types of Pokemons chosen for this deck are fire and grass, all led by Entei. The card showing the Cracked Ice Holofoil version of Entei is only available in this deck. There's another card that you can only find in this deck, and that's the Non-Holofoil version of Blaziken from Dragon Majesty. 

The "Blazing Volcano" themed deck will help with some 30 original cards, as several of them come in more than 1 copy. However, this is not all you'll get, as the Blazing Volcano deck also contains the following items:

  • The rules
  • A mat for 2 players
  • A metal coin
  • Damage counters
  • The Entei deck box 
  • The code to unlock this deck online 

You can check the list of all the cards included, on the back of the package. 

Blazing Volcano Decklist:


2× Entei
2× Blaziken
2× Combusken
3× Torchic
2× Houndoom
3× Houndour
1× Magcargo
2× Slugma
1× Shuckle
1× Heracross
1× Smeargle
1× Big Malasada
1× Copycat
1× Guzma
1× Kahili
1× Lillie
1× Mallow
2× Nest Ball
1× Pokémon Fan Club
2× Professor Kukui
2× Rescue Stretcher
1× Sightseer
1× Switch
1× Tate & Liza
2× Timer Ball
2× TV Reporter
1× Ultra Ball
14× Fire Energy
5× Grass Energy