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Pokémon - Sun and Moon: Lost Thunder - Raikou Theme Deck - Storm Caller

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Product Description

If you like to collect stuff, you know it's difficult to have a complete collection. However, every new item you discover or find will bring you closer to that goal. In Pokemon, the goal is pretty well known and this led to the franchise's popularity. 

A trading card game is the only way in which you can "catch 'em all," but this is not always easy. Getting pre-constructed decks like the Storm Caller here will help you with the goal. This deck uses mainly a lightning type of Pokemons. According to the back of the product, you'll also get 20 cards with Lightning Energy, so your opponents are surely in danger. 

The leader of all these monsters is the Raikou. This Pokemon can be seen on 2 cards, with one of them being the deck-exclusive Cracked Ice Holofoil version. There are 2 more cards that can only be found in this deck: 

  • Non-Holofoil Ampharos
  • Non-Holofoil Naganadel

Don't ignore the goodies included:

  • damage counters,
  • a custom coin,
  • one two-player mat
  • a code for the online version of the deck

Storm Caller Decklist:


2× Raikou
2× Ampharos
2× Flaaffy
3× Mareep
1× Zebstrika
3× Blitzle
2× Naganadel
3× Poipole
1× Smeargle
1× Furfrou
1× Copycat
1× Energy Switch
1× Escape Rope
2× Hau
1× Kahili
1× Lady
1× Lillie
2× Nest Ball
1× Pokémon Fan Club
2× Professor Kukui
2× Rescue Stretcher
1× Switch
1× Tate & Liza
2× Timer Ball
1× Ultra Ball
20× Lightning Energy