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Pokémon - Sun and Moon: Ultra Prism - Empoleon Theme Deck - Imperial Command

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Product Description

The Sun and Moon Series from the Pokemon TCG has several expansions. Ultra Prism is one of these. Like most other expansions in this Series, this one also has just 2 pre-made themed decks. Imperial Command is the name of one of these decks.

Imperial Command uses mainly water-type of Pokemons. The main Pokemon in this deck is Empoleon. Empoleon can be seen on 2 cards, one of them being the Cracked Ice Holofoil version. This card is the only one specific to this deck. 

Most Pokemon TCG decks come with several other items, like:

  • A metal coin
  • Damage counters
  • The mat for 2 players
  • The rules
  • A deck box with Empoleon
  • The code used to unlock the online version of the deck for Pokemon TCG 

If you want to catch all the Pokemons, you have to get this deck!

Imperial Command Decklist:

2× Empoleon
2× Prinplup
3× Piplup
2× Abomasnow
3× Snover
2× Alolan Sandslash
2× Alolan Sandshrew
2× Floatzel
2× Buizel
2× Manaphy
2× Corsola
1× Aqua Patch
1× Escape Board
1× Escape Rope
2× Hau
1× Lillie
2× Pokémon Fan Club
2× Professor Kukui
1× Rescue Stretcher
2× Sophocles
2× Timer Ball
1× Ultra Ball
20× Water Energy