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Pokémon - Sun and Moon: Unbroken Bonds - Mewtwo Theme Deck - Battle Mind

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Product Description

Pokemon fans know they have to do one thing: to "Catch 'Em All." One way of doing this is by collecting all the trading cards issued under this brand. These cards are released either in small packs of at least 10 cards or in pre-constructed decks. 

These decks usually have a theme. For instance, here's a listing for the "Sun and Moon Unbroken Bonds" game expansion. This game addition is the tenth in the Sun and Moon block. This block also represents the Sun and Moon Era in the Japanese game edition, since Pokemon comes from Japan.

Some fans refer to this deck as Mewtwo since the image of a Mewtwo Pokemon is placed on the front and back of the package. You'll also see the list of cards selected for this themed deck on the back. To make things easier, we recreated the list as well, a bit lower. 

The fans will be happy to learn that there's an exclusive card with Mewtwo in this deck. This is the Cracked Ice Holofoil. once you open the package, you'll also find: 

  • A card checklist
  • A custom coin
  • A 2-player playmat
  • The rule sheet
  • A code to play this deck online
  • The deck box
  • A Quick Guide to unlock the strategies
  • Damage counters

Battle Mind Decklist:

2× Mewtwo
2× Incineroar
3× Torracat
3× Litten
2× Salazzle
3× Salandit
2× Darmanitan
3× Darumaka
2× Turtonator
2× Meowth
2× Cynthia
2× Fisherman
4× Hau
2× Lillie
2× Looker
2× Switch
2× Welder
15× Fire Energy
5× Psychic Energy