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Pokémon - Sword and Shield: Darkness Ablaze - Galarian Sirfetch'd Theme Deck

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Product Description

The Pokemon TCG had many expansions since the game has been released. Darkness Ablaze is one of the more recent expansions, from 2020. Darkness Ablaze has 2 themed decks that players can get if they want to try and Catch 'Em All.

The Galarian Sirfetch'd is one of these decks, containing the miminum required number of cards to participate in a challenge. Most of the themed decks in Pokemon TCG have a main Pokemon as well as Pokemons of a certain type.

For this deck, the Galarian Sirfetch'd is the main Pokemon that also borrowd its name to the the deck. The types of Pokemons chosen for this deck are Fighting and there are also 18 cards with Fighting energy.

Speaking of cards, here are the ones you should keep an eye out for:

  • The Cracked Ice Holofoil version of Galarian Sirfetch'd
  • The Non Holofoil version of Stonjourner
  • The Non Holofoil version of Professor's Research

The first 2 cards in this list are exclusively found in this deck. The latter one was previously released through several other decks.

There are a few other goodies included in this deck:

  • A metal coin with a Pokemon
  • A code to unlock the deck online
  • The mat for 2 players
  • Deck box

Galarian Sirfetch'd Decklist:


3× Galarian Sirfetch'd
3× Galarian Farfetch'd
2× Dugtrio
3× Diglett
2× Hippowdon
3× Hippopotas
2× Stonjourner
2× Sudowoodo
2× Passimian
2× Bede
2× Bird Keeper
2× Great Ball
4× Hop
2× Pokémon Catcher
2× Professor's Research
2× Sonia
2× Switch
2× Turbo Patch
18× Fighting Energy