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Pokémon - Sword and Shield - Inteleon Theme Deck

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Product Description

There's probably no one out there who hasn't heard about Pokemon. Its popularity is so high that there's a whole franchise surrounding the universe and its characters. Now, everyone wants to catch 'em all!

If your opponent is scared of water, then this deck is a good choice for you. Inteleon is one of the themed decks released for the Sword and Shield Pokemon trading card game. This expansion was made available in Japan in 2019 and in 2020 to the English-speaking players. Sword and Shields is also the name of one of the Series in Pokemon TCG.

Inteleon comes with 18 cards of Water Energy while all the Pokemons chosen for this deck are also Water-type. This includes Inteleon who is the lead Pokemon of the deck and can be seen on 2 cards. One of these cards is exclusively found in this deck, the Cracked Ice Holofoil version of Inteleon. Most Pokemon TCG decks come with more than one deck-specific card, but this is not the case for the Inteleon themed deck. 

Along with the 60 cards, you'll also receive:

  • a custom coin
  • damage counters
  • a TCGO code card
  • the playmat

The trading card deck is intended for children over the age of 6.

Inteleon Decklist:


2× Inteleon
3× Drizzile
3× Sobble
2× Drednaw
3× Chewtle
2× Kingler
3× Krabby
2× Cramorant
2× Mantine
1× Energy Switch
4× Great Ball
4× Hop
1× Ordinary Rod
2× Poké Kid
1× Pokégear 3.0
2× Pokémon Catcher
3× Professor's Research
2× Switch
18× Water Energy

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