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Pokémon - Sword and Shield: Rebel Clash - Zacian Theme Deck

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Product Description

The Pokemon trading card game along with a few other installments in the franchise allow the fans to collect, or catch all the Pokemons.

Just like any other trading card game out there, the Pokemon TCG also has expansions. The Sword and Shield is one of the Series, with Rebel Clash being one of its expansions. Rebel Clash has just 2 pre-constructed themed decks.

What not everyone knows is that most Pokemon TCG decks have a little monster that leads the deck. Zacian is the leader of this deck and this is why the deck is named as such.

A few of the Pokemons found in this deck are Metal-type and additional 18 cards will also give you Metal energy. Speaking of the cards themselves, make sure you don't lose the Cracked Ice Holofoil version of Zacian, for it can only be found in this deck.

Here's a list of other items found in the package:

  • damage counters
  • a custom coin
  • a TCGO code card
  • the playmat
  • the deck box

New players shouldn't worry too much for the rules as an intro guide are also provided.

Zacian Decklist:


2× Zacian
2× Unfezant
3× Tranquill
3× Pidove
2× Galarian Perrserker
3× Galarian Meowth
2× Probopass
3× Nosepass
2× Hawlucha
2× Dan
2× Great Ball
4× Hop
2× Metal Saucer
2× Poké Kid
2× Pokémon Catcher
2× Professor's Research
2× Sonia
2× Switch
18× Metal Energy