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Pokémon - Sword and Shield: Rebel Clash - Zamazenta Theme Deck

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Product Description

Pokemon took the world by storm, and everyone wants to catch 'em all. If you're one of them, all you have to do is to CLICK ADD TO BASKET and get this deck!

Zamazenta is the name of one of the pre-built themed decks in the Rebel Clash. This is the second main expansion from the Sword and Shield Series, from the Pokemon trading card game.

Through this deck, you'll have several Pokemons added to your collection. This includes, of course, the one leading and naming the deck, Zamazenta. This Pokemon can be seen on 2 cards, one being solely found in this deck. This card is the Cracked Ice Holofoil version, but it's not the only one: the Non Holofoil version of Duraludon is another deck-exclusive one.

The theme of the deck is metal. This is seen through the chosen Pokemons as well as the 18 Metal energy cards provided. Next, you get a better idea of what the package contains:

  • 60 cards
  • the code to unlock the deck online
  • the rules
  • the deck box

There are only 2 Pokemons that are colorless in this deck. However, these cards come in 3 copies each.

Zamazenta Decklist:


2× Zamazenta
2× Corviknight
3× Corvisquire
3× Rookidee
2× Bisharp
3× Pawniard
2× Ferrothorn
3× Ferroseed
2× Duraludon
2× Dan
2× Great Ball
4× Hop
2× Metal Saucer
2× Poké Kid
2× Potion
2× Professor's Research
2× Sonia
2× Switch
18× Metal Energy