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Pokémon - Sword and Shield: Vivid Voltage - Charizard Theme Deck

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Product Description

The year 2020 brought many new things, including the Vivid Voltage trading card expansion for the Sword and Shield Series from the Pokemon TCG.

Vivid Voltage is the 4th expansion in the Series and it was composed of 2 prebuilt decks. However, these 2 decks contain only 60 cards and the expansion has 203 cards in English. The original Japanese expansion has only 121 cards.

Fire is the theme of the Charizard theme deck, and as such, you also get 18 cards giving you Fire energy. This can only mean one thing: your opponent better watches out or gives up, for the winner will be you!

To ensure your victory, make sure to read the rules as well as the little strategy guide included in the package. Other items you'll get, are:

  • A special metal coin
  • The deck box
  • The code for the online version of the deck
  • Damage counters
  • The play mat

This is not all, for the following cards are also special:

  • Cracked Ice Holofoil version of Charizard
  • Non-Holofoil version of Leon
  • Non-Holofoil version of Professor's Research

The latter 2 cards were also found in previous Build and Battle Boxes.

Charizard Decklist:


2× Charizard
3× Charmeleon
3× Charmander
2× Yanmega
3× Yanma
2× Magcargo
3× Slugma
2× Sudowoodo
1× Lugia
2× Bede
2× Dan
1× Evolution Incense
2× Great Ball
4× Hop
2× Leon
2× Ordinary Rod
2× Professor's Research
2× Sonia
2× Switch
18× Fire Energy