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Pokémon - XY: Steam Siege - Gears of Fire Theme Deck

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Product Description

Since Pokemon is so popular, there's no wonder it turned into a franchise that includes a trading card game both on and offline. The Pokemon TCG has several series made in turn of expansions. XY is one of the Series and Steam Siege is its 4th expansion.

Most expansions in Pokemon TCG have 2 or 3 pre-built themed card decks. Steam Siege has 2 and "Gears of Fire" is the name of one of these decks. The deck has 60 cards, though the expansion itself has 116 cards in the English version and 118 in the original Japanese version.

The chosen name for the deck, Gears of Fire, gives away the type of Pokemons found in this deck: fire and metal. However, there's more fire energy found in the deck than metal energy, with 11 and 7 cards respectively. Since we made a reference to the Pokemons, their leader is Volcanion.

The "Gears of Fire" themed deck has 2 exclusive cards:

  • The Cracked Ice Holofoil version of Volcanion
  • The Non Holofoil version of Klinklang

Pokemon used its TCG player with additional goodies in the packaging of the released decks:

  • a special metal coin
  • a deck box
  • damage counters
  • the play mat
  • a code to get the online version of the deck

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