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Pokémon - XY: Evolutions - Mewtwo Theme Deck - Mewtwo Mayhem

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Product Description

Pokemon took the world on a quest to Catch 'em all due to the various types of products released through the years.

Pokémon TCG: XY—Evolutions represents the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon TCG. This expansion is also the last one from the XY BREAK Series. The English release of the deck has 113 cards, 10 more than the Japanese version. However, the expansion only has 2 pre-constructed themed decks. This means you won't be getting all the cards of the expansion through these decks.

One of the pre-created decks in XY: Evolutions is Mewtwo Mayhem. Fighting and Psychic Pokemons were chosen for this deck, along with 9 cards with energy for each of these abilities. There are 3 cards that stand out in this deck:

  • Cracked Ice Holofoil version of Mewtwo
  • Non Holofoil version of Hitmonchan
  • Non-Holofoil version of Nidoking

The first card can only be found through this deck, while the latter 2 can also be found in Evolutions Prerelease Kits.

Make sure not to lose the following items also found in the package:

  • damage counters
  • code to unlock the deck for the Pokemon TCG Online
  • the play mat for 2 players
  • the deck box
  • the custom coin

Mewtwo Mayhem Decklist:

2× Mewtwo
1× Nidoking
2× Nidorino
4× Nidoran♂
2× Haunter
3× Gastly
2× Koffing
2× Drowzee
2× Machoke
2× Machop
1× Dugtrio
2× Diglett
2× Onix
2× Sandshrew
1× Hitmonchan
1× Energy Retrieval
1× Great Ball
1× Poké Ball
1× Pokémon Fan Club
1× Potion
1× Professor Oak's Hint
2× Professor's Letter
2× Switch
2× Tierno
9× Psychic Energy
9× Fighting Energy