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Pokémon - XY: Phantom Forces - Talonflame Theme Deck - Burning Winds

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Product Description

As a trading card game, Pokemon also has many expansions. One of them is called XY: Phantom Forces which has just 2 themed decks. Talonflame is one of these themed decks.

Talonflame is also the leader Pokemon of the deck. This means there's a card representing this Pokemon that can only be obtained through this deck. This card is the Holofoil version of Talonflame. This is not the only card exclusive to the deck. The other exclusive card is the Non-Holofoil version of Pyroar. 

Grass and Fire-types of Pokemons are selected for this themed decks. However, it's Fire that dominates the deck, because there are 10 cards with fire energy. The deck has only 8 grass energy cards. 

Almost no Pokemon prebuilt deck is not complete without the following items:

  • damage counters
  • a custom coin
  • one two-player mat
  • a Talonflame deckbox
  • a TCGO deck access code.

Burning Winds Decklist:


2× Talonflame
2× Fletchinder
4× Fletchling
1× Pyroar
2× Litleo
1× Yanmega
2× Yanma
2× Swadloon
3× Sewaddle
1× Venomoth
2× Venonat
2× Karrablast
2× Loudred
2× Whismur
2× Chansey
1× Evosoda
1× Potion
1× Pokémon Center Lady
1× Pokémon Fan Club
2× Professor's Letter
1× Professor Sycamore
1× Roller Skates
1× Shauna
1× Tierno
1× Trick Coin
1× Ultra Ball
10× Fire Energy
8× Grass Energy