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Pokémon - XY: Steam Siege - Hoopa Theme Deck - Ring of Lightning

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Product Description

XY is the name of one Series from the Pokemon trading card game. This Series has several expansions and the 4th one is named "Steam Siege." New players won't know this, but the majority of Pokemon TCG expansions have different numbers of cards and normally just 2 pre-made themed decks.

Ring of Lightning is of the aforementioned decks, and it contains just 60 cards. This doesn't mean all of them are unique for most of them come in more than 2 copies. New players also don't know that the themed decks have a theme that generally is given by the card showing the Leader Pokemon. Themed decks have a Lead Pokemon and it usually comes on 2 different cards, one with a cracked holofoil treatment and the other one without this finish.

The Leader Pokemon in the "Ring of Lightning" themed deck is Hoopa. This pokemon can be seen as a Cracked Ice Holofoil version as well as a regular card. The theme of the deck is Lightning and Psychic since there are 10 psychics and 8 lightning energy cards in the deck.

In this deck, you'll also find these other items:

  • a custom coin
  • damage counters
  • access code for the online Pokemon TCG
  • player mat
  • deck box

The players need to know that the deck came with 2 different coins. Before October 5, 2016, the coin was a Gold Non-Holofoil Hoopa coin. After that date, the coin was changed to a Gold Cracked Ice Holofoil Hoopa coin.

Ring of Lightning Decklist:

2× Hoopa
2× Drifblim
3× Drifloon
2× Lampent
3× Litwick
1× Galvantula
3× Joltik
2× Ampharos
2× Flaaffy
3× Mareep
2× Ambipom
3× Aipom
2× Hawlucha
2× Energy Retrieval
1× Evosoda
2× Ninja Boy
1× Potion
2× Professor's Letter
1× Shauna
2× Tierno
1× Ultra Ball
10× Psychic Energy
8× Lightning Energy