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Ring Fit Adventure - Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

Do you want to play games but you're worried about your weight? Through the "Ring Fit Adventure" video game you can keep fit while playing a game. In this game, you'll be touring an expansive world at the same time as fighting enemies, and using real-life fitness exercises.

This game comes with a new Ring and a Leg Strap that can sense your body's movements. The Ring and the Leg Strap must be connected to your Joy-Con before starting to play the game. You'll have to hold the Ring with both hands while the Strap gets attached to your upper left leg. The Ring is flexible and you can apply some pressure on it without it snapping. 

Once you interact with these accessories, they register and transform your motions into actions in the game. For instance, if you run in place, your character will move forward. Certain exercises will be transformed into attacks. 

The "Ring Fit Adventure" comes with mini-games as well as training routines. This way, everyone, regardless of lifestyle and skill level, can enjoy this game. As far as skill or fitness level goes, these can be adjusted in the game. You can start off with easy workouts and work your way up as you feel more and more comfortable with the routines.